(solved) Missing cache builder option

I noticed that the Antivirus start scanning all my drives many times per days, usually when the PC is idle for some minutes. I tried to understand if this was an option I could tweak and I found this could be related to the “Run cache builder when computer is idle”.

Looking at the help page I can see this option but it is missing in my version (Italian Is this normal or a bug?
What else could be the auto-scan I experience during idle periods?

Many thanks for any help.

Not a bug it shouldn’t be in the help documentation as they did remove it for performance reasons in version 10. Did you perform an upgrade over previous 8.4? It could be left over schedule scan from before. Check windows task scheduler and check each scan profile in AV scans settings window to see if you have set a different schedule.

Thanks for your reply futuretech!
Yes I have updated from 8.4 and used old setting imported from 8.4. In AV scan, inside Comodo I just have the Quick and Full scan, but they are both disabled.
Instead Windows Scheduler can be the good direction! I have:

Comodo Autostart
Comodo Cache Builder
Comodo CMC
Comodo Maintenance
Comodo Signature Update
Comodo Update

Can I safely delete the Comodo Cache Builder?
Are there any other tasks from the list above that I should remove because left by the old installation?

Many thanks for your support!

Yes you can delete the cache builder task and the comodo maintenance task as that is supposed to run after uninstalling CIS and in turn remove that task upon completion.

Many thanks for your kindly support!