[SOLVED] Make comodo ask before blocking a suspicious file

Ok, I must be missing something very simple or am completely blind, but I can’t find anywhere where I can tell comodo to ASK me before blocking a virus file.

Problem being for things like VNC or other (considered) greyware that I use on a daily. So, I had to turn off the virus scanner in order to download, and install. Then, add to exclusions before turning back on.

Anyone know what I’m missing here?


oh, and this is latest CIS install (2 weeks ago) on Windows 7, no other A/V software or much of anything really installed.

You could setup a folder that is not scanned for this type of downloads. You can also add files to the trusted applications.

Hope this helps


Go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings → Real Time scanner → untick “Automatically remove threats found during scanning”. That should do the trick for you.

PERFECT! Thanks, knew I was missing it somehow; Cheers EricJH