(Solved) main dragon exe still running in background after closing

So first of short system info: Core i5-3470S, AsRock z77pro3, Win7x64, CD 31.1

Found the solution during add info/tryouts while writing, so this will be info only.

The title already says anything in short, just if you ask: yes it is only the main .exe no other flags concerning language, fieldtrials, channel added etc. Further in KillSwitch f.e. you can see the process tree and what changes if you close CD. For sure i have not set the option to “run apps in the background, when comodo dragon is closed”.
Additional Info: The process remains/won’t be used again so another instance of a main .exe is started if you reopen dragon.

Also for sure i have searched around.
On this forum just an unanswered topic conserning CID could be found.
I did found more info when searching for chrome - and did some tryouts (whenever i tried something i closed CD/killed process/restarted CD/closed CD before actual check if the process is still active):

#1 Google Groups - i disabled all add-ons, it doesn’t make a difference if i close via “X” or “Exit”, i don’t even see any “cloud print” or “Print sharing” option,
#2 chromium issue - I don#t have any of the listed programs installed. Further this is a quite new installation and i don’t have much installed generally. Besides drivers and some runtimes only few security and web tools.
#3 superuser.com - don’t got any pinned tab.
#4 (linked by #1) chromium issue - “Gamepad polling thread” caused by flash - well i don’t have such an entry in (dragon) chrome://profiler/ . Well i have 2 Gaming input devices - currently Logitech G19 and MadCatz MMO7, yet i disabled any open software for them and checked individually if they cause the problem.
#5 electronicmedia.in Just brought me to the idea to check if any other process is interfering. Doesn’t seem to be the case, check attachments

Well, then i created a dump file of the open .exe and as i have Vistual Studio Express coincidentally installed i took a look in it and thought of a tool i use might causing problems - EMET 4.1 - DEP shouldn’t be forced as app rule - without that setting dragon closes successfully.

Btw. someone might add the info to above links as i don’t have/want an google account.

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