[Solved] Latest Dragon not running Flash

I upgraded to the latest CD and now I can’t get Flash to run. I’ve tried downloading and reinstalling it as per the post a couple of topics down - nothing.

When I look in the plugins, neither Flash nor Shockwave are showing up. ???

Appreciate some help as I’m about ready to uninstall Dragon altogether.

(should add, running on WinXP, never had any problems before this upgrade)
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Did you try restarting the browser?
If Flash Player performs an update while Dragon is running the browser has to be restarted in order to detect Flash again.


Hi, yes, I’ve restarted it numerous times, don’t have the PC up 24/7 either so it’s been rebooted twice since I last tried. I’ve also tried using the “Repair” option of trying a reinstall of Dragon.

Follow this instruction to uninstall Flash Player.

Then install Flash Player again (download here).

Nope, still nothing >:( I’m going to uninstall Dragon. Also having problems with IceDragon as it won’t load the whole page if you play games on FB, so maybe it’s just me and Comodo aren’t compatible any more.

Just started using Dragon and find I have the same problem. Tried the solution in the other thread but it didn’t work. I’m running XP. Guessing this is a problem with this newest version of Dragon. Any response from Comodo on what to do or if an update that fixes the problem will be released?

This problem is not happening to everybody. Mine are working (as checked viewing YouTube videos) on C D v23 with Flash Player 11.5… Windows XP, and Flash Player 11.4… Windows Vista.

I uninstalled Dragon then went to CNET and downloaded the previous version - everything started working again.

This morning I’ve booted up and because I forgot to disable automatic updates, the stupid thing upgraded in the background and now Flash isn’t working again. Luckily I saved the setup file but now I’m going to have to uninstall again and this time remember to disable the auto updates…

Right, reinstalled 22 and everything is hunkydory - and this time I disabled the auto update before the li’l ■■■■■■ could update itself.

Do you have any other 3rd party extensions that maybe incompatible with CDs latest release, possibly causing the plugins to be blocked?

Try in incognito mode or manually disable all 3rd party extensions and see if the issue persists.

The Latest Version of Flashplayer beta: Version: 11,5,502,118 works real good and it’s stable.

More specifically, my installation of Flash Player is version 11.5.502.110 and C D is, these on Windows XP service pack 3; and Flash Player is working normally. I use Incognito mode. I have not tried any YouTube videos through normal mode in CD; maybe I should. The two extensions always running, also in Incognito, are W.O.T and AdBlock.

I have same problem.

C D version, Flash Player version 11.5.502.110, Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (x86). Total removing of Flash Player is not helped, i also reinstall C D and additionally install Shockwave player but its not helped too. Incognito mode of C D not helped too. Only old videos on YouToBe working, anythin else what need Flash player not working. Before reinstall of C D i have only one additional plugin - AdBlock.

Thanks for attention.

I would like to add some details regarding Youtube videos and my previous post.
If Flash player has updated and you access Youtube during this time, Youtube will try to load videos using HTML5 and will set some cookies. This means that once a video has been loaded using HTML5 it will continue to do so even if Dragon has been restarted (and detects Flash player).
To fix this you will have to delete cookies from the browser.

Thank you.

Thanks… but I clear the cache and cookies regularly and always do so when I close a session. Also, I wasn’t using Youtube, which I tend to run on Opera - it was Facebook apps where I noticed the problem.

Basically I use 3 browsers - Opera, Firefox and Dragon - for different things and Dragon is the only one with a problem. Since I’ve rolled back to the previous version (which is running the latest Flash) and prevented updates, it’s all been fine.

The only way I was able to fix this issue was by installing an old version of CD. Now everything works.

I have the same problem, also just since the latest version.
This is a serious and real issue and I think it’s terrible that Comodo hasn’t addressed or Fixed this yet.


We’ll need some more details to identify the cause of the problem. Please follow these instructions and add all the necessary information.

Also, as a side test, install Dragon portable and check if there the issue reproduces.

Thank you.

FYI, I’m having this problem, too.


I’ve also faced that problem. I followed JoWa’s instruction ie removed the plugin, than installed it again, but it didn’t help.

I suffer it since the last upgrade. My current version is (portable). It doesn’t work for both modes, neither incognito nor non-incognito. I couldn’t find flash on dragon://plugins.

But at the same time the plugin works fine for Mozilla Firefox.

My configuration: (portable), Windows 7 32b with the latest updates, installed on ordinary C:\ directory, the browser in D:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon, administrator credentials, UAC default (on, I suppose), flash 11.5.502.110