[SOLVED!] Imported From IE Folder size?


Been using Comodo for some time now and just last night something changed that I didn’t do. It’s the size/or the viewing changed on my Comodo browser.

Before it use to look like this:


Now it looks like this:


Can someone please tell me how to change it back to normal. I really don’t know how it came apart but, I would really like to have it back like what it use to be like this:


Thank you so much for any help appreciated.

geosync needs help, please.

Hi and welcome geosync,
It is a new wider spaced white background context menu that has been introduced into chromium based browsers.
AFAIK it was originally designed to help users with visual impairment or disabilities and/or touch-screens.

There is a discussion in the below link, which also does have a workaround which maybe a temporary fix I might add depending on future versions.
New context menu - Version 27

Kind regards.

Hey captainsticks,

Thank you so much for directing me to the right source to get this fix. I really like the old style of how my bookmarked folders looked like and having an option to turn the visual impairment or disabilities feature on and off in future builds. It really would be convenient. - I almost switch my internet browser (back to firefox) due to this change but, you actually came through and I thank you so much… I’m sticking with Comodo! :slight_smile:

Thanks again, captainsticks. You’re the greatest man!

Kindest regards,

[ geosync ]

You are welcome, glad to hear the workaround solved the issue for you. :-TU
Thank you.