[Solved] I cannot watch video on a site

Hello guys and Mr. Developers,

I have a problem with my Dragon. I cannot watch video on this website

Firefox Aurora can open all videos on this site but Dragon can’t, also Iron can’t… ??

My flash player is up-to-date. My extension on Dragon is AdblockPlus,Lastpass,webinspector…
Caches are clean. I mean everything is fine :-TU

Can you confirm this ? and I have a Q. about it. Is it possible a Chromium problem ?

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I tried a video and it works. I basically only have Privdog installed on Dragon.

Has this site worked before for you in Dragon?

Did you try disabling the extensions one by one to see if one of them is causing the problem?

I diasbled all and still the same not workin’.

This issue is not new! I just installed dragon to check new thing and development.

Also I disable “hardware acceleration” and enabled again in these terms still dont working.

Are you blocking cookies from www.akilli.tv and www.vidyoda.com ?

Yes JoWa, you solved the problem. I allowed the cookies and the video comes :azn:

Thanks mate :-TU


How did not this come my mind ? ;D I am laughing to myself :smiley:
You can close the topic as “solved” :-TU

Thanks yigido,

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