[solved] How to separate the Firewall & AV installation

I have had problems with the install of CIS5 and installed the anti-virus only. Now I want to install the firewall without removing or reinstalling the anti-virus.

The install window gives two options do I mark the firewall and remove the mark before the AV or will this remove the av when installing the firewall.?

What will happen with each mark? ???

thanks friends



Go to start —> control panel —> Program(s) —> Programs and function. Now you will need to find comodo and then click on change/add

I use swedish Win7


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That was not the question.

you will just need to mark the firewall

Please note you need to mark both otherwise it will uninstall the part you do not mark.


Thats a great answer, thanks Dennis :-TU

I got an error, see zipfile

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Ok after a view months I fount the problem out myself. First a mark means install or uninstall nothing more.

Than my problem

In case nothing help uninstall CIS, clean the rest from it and reinstall it. Save your settings before.


The solution for people that have the same f*cking problem with installing CIS5 could be the hidden data folder.