[SOLVED] How to get cavw to release a file?


I installed an open-source application called GPSBabel a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to delete its installer, but for some reason, Windows won’t let me.

Why is cavwp locking the installer to that user-level application? How do I unlock it so I can remove the file?

Thank you.

Its most likely being scanned by the real-time scanner, you can either add the application to the AV exclusions then reboot or use process hacker to force close the handle.

Thanks for the tip.

It’s odd, because the file is still locked.

What’s “process hacker”?

Its a more advanced version of windows task manager, you should download this version as it does a better job at closing file handles.

Thank you.

I could finally delete the file after cavwp had stopped running. As expected, the file wasn’t even marked as suspicious. Strange.