[SOLVED] HIPS slows down Windows Subsystem for Linux

I’m trying to work out how I can get HIPS to either white list or trust the WSL by checksumming or some other means.
The least attractive means would be to exclude them from scanning, but I can figure out where in HIPS to do that.

Everytime I start WSL this comand window comes up and then kinda just sits there for a while and then the prompt appears.
When I run any command for the first time in that session it will pause (like a ‘man’, ‘ls’ or ‘wget’ any binary) whilst HIPS does some sort of check on it which lasts about 1-2 seconds afterwhich it runs.
If I disable HIPS then there is no delay.
WSL installs here:
And most of the ‘system’ binaries are here:
C:\Users\SomeLocalUser\AppData\Local\Packages\CanonicalGroupLimited.UbuntuonWindows_79rhkp1fndgsc\LocalState\rootfs (bin|sbin|usr\bin|usr\sbin)

You need to create a new file group then use add new file or folder and then after your selection edit the path to paths like /usr/, /bin/, & /init. Then add that file group to firewall and HIPS rules and treat it as outgoing only for firewall and Windows System Application for the HIPS.


Thanks that did the trick!