[solved] hips rules not remembered for executables in external drives

Solved: Comodo 10 fixes this issue
This was an issue on comodo

Hi, andantekomodo.

It works on CIS 10. Please take a look below:

  1. The first application launch from USB device cause the message to appear:


  1. The second application launch works without any notices and the rule for this application has created and saved during the first start:


After reboot PC this rule works as expected and notice is absent. The same behavior for the bat files.

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This bug is fixed in version 10. During install you can choose to not install dragon as seen here CIS Premium – Installation, Best Internet Security, Comodo Internet Security Setup

Sorry for late reply…
I installed Comodo 10, but it did not fix the issue. So I just turned HIPS off
I am not sure if new releases fixed it as I havent updated in a while.