[solved] HIPS clean pc mode disapeared

Hi, a couple of days ago, my free version of Comodo Firewall upgraded to version 10. And now “Clean PC mode” isn’t available anymore.
I cant’ find any information about this issue online (google) or in this forum.

What is going on ? Did they take it out of the free version ? Or did they take this mode out of all Comodo products ? Because in the help file, I don’t see it anymore either.

It was removed. Check was based on file modified date/time. Not a good feature because malicious file(s) could alter these properties.

Oh, thanks so much windstorm ! I really couldn’t seem to find any information on the topic.
Is there some article about this I can read, would love to know the details of it.

thanks !

Not really. Other external sources are kind of dumb. Feel free to ask questions around here.