[Solved][HELP!]CIS password with spaces

I’ve been using CIS for quite a long time, but when I try to use the “password” feature first time today, I came across this bug.

I created my password with space in it. I created the password with no caution that I can’t use it, but the problem is after it, I can NOT login with this password. And I searched in the forum for comodo in my country, some people DID suffered this problem.

How can I figure it out?

??? ??? ???

here is how to remove the password

i would suggest either adding this to the wishlist here

or the bug reports

i dont know if this is a bug or if spaces arent supported in the password protection
maybe someone else can clarify

Thank you VERY MUCH!!!


no problem. let us know if you need any more help


Reported it to BUG REPORTS BOARD.

Let’s hope CIS become better and better!