[Solved] Encryption protocol in CD browser

Comodo dragon version) displays https of comodo forum as 128 bit
encryption and https of comodo.com 168 bit encryption.
Other web browsers display 256 bit encryption.

Browser installed in default location(C:\Program Files\COMODO\Dragon) administrators
rights,operating system windows XP 32-bit SP3 ,default theme(no other themes installed),
no plugins installed.

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This is not a bug in Dragon. Servers “speak” encryption via ciphers. Each server and client can communication on different ciphers all depending on what they agree on. Comodo.com and the Forums have different ciphers enabled on them, thus the differences. Since the Forums hit a 128-bit cipher first, they agreed on the 128-bit.
Since Comodo and Dragon agreed on the 168-bit (higher grade cipher), it was used.

When i use opera browser it displays 256 bit encryption for both comodo.com
and comodo forum.
I did not know about chipper until you have mentioned it.

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