[Solved] DirSyncPro dos not work since the last CIS patch


Siince the last patch, DirSyncPro doesn’t work when I use the executable (DirSyncPro.exe).
When I launch DirSyncPro by command : java -jar DirSyncPro.jar that’s OK.

I have no error and DirSyncPro.exe is unlock and autorized in “file list” he is Trusted.

What can I do ?

It’s a known issue. Here’s a workaround:
Advanced Settings > Advanced Protection > Miscellaneous > Detect shellcode injections > Exclusions > Add Java folder

Yes, Thank you very much. It’s works fine now.

:slight_smile: ;D :smiley: :wink:

Will be fixed in upcoming release later this week in which you do not need to apply previous mentioned workaround.

Hooray ! I’ve install the new CIS version :

Everything he’s good now.

Best regards