[solved] Detect or quarantiane?

I have on my Comodo overview page under Virus 5 items. When I check this link I get a list of 42 items? 3 of these items are quarantined the rest “Detected”?
I have 1 item that is detected but also quarantined?
My question, why the difference, why are not all detected not quarantined?

See how the scanner settings for the three types of scanning are. Are they all set to quarantine?

Well only manual has no quarantine the rest is set to Quarantine.

I am more confused now than 5 minutes ago ! !

I have just looked and “Automatically quarantined …” is unchecked on Real Time and Scheduled only.

On Manual it is NOT an option.
Am I to assume that it is because the decision is made by the user when the then scan is completed ?


That’s what I assume too.