[SOLVED] Defense+ suspicious file doesn't upload?

Hi everyone, quick question. When I receive an alert from D+ and choose the option to submit the file to Comodo for analysis, I see no network activity on my wireless adapter lights after that action. Is this normal? When does the file upload?

RESOLUTION Suspicious files do not appear in the Submitted Files list right away, this can take a few minutes, to a few hours.

i think it shows what files have been submitted in the unrecognized files window

hope this helps

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Actually that was my thought too, but when I checked there is nothing there. I can’t recall fully, but I slightly remember a problem with files being added to that “Submitted” list back during the beta, do you know if this was ever fixed? That could be what I am experiencing.

i did test the beta through all its stages but i dont remember that bug/problem but that doesnt mean it didnt exist. maybe someone has a solution or more info they can contribute

What alert are you referring to? What does it say? Can you post a screenshot of the alert?

I would like to update this thread, sorry for not having replied in a few days.

Under Defense+ > Unrecognized Files > Submitted Files I was not seeing the files I told COMODO to submit via the pop-up alerts. As it turns out, it can take a few minutes, to a few hours for them to appear in this list. Strange, but it solves my question.

Thanks for reporting back. You may be helping other users with your findings.