[Solved] Defense+ is not functioning properly!


Would you please give me some help?

I was trying to install CamStudioCodec_1.5_Setup.exe on my Win7-Ultimate-SP1-64bit. CIS6 recognized this as unknown file, and the HIP’s window appeared. I tried the default option (Run Isolated). After this I lost control of my PC! :o On every program (CIS included) which I tried to open, error display was: You have not access to open this program! I tried to open Local Drivers via Windows Explore, but error was the same. Even the restart of PC was impossible! With a few words, my PC became like Area 51! ;D

After I started in Safe Mode, in CIS main UI appeared: Defense+ is not functioning properly! Diagnostic didn’t repaired this issue. The generated report is attached. Before I’ll try a clean re-install of CIS, any help/suggestion would be very helpful for me.


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Please see if you can find any rules created for programs in Defense+, such as the one for the CamStudio, or anything related. Remove those rules and see if it fixes anything.

Let me know how that works and what you find.

I tried, removing all HIP’s rules but without success. Also I tried to do the repair from Add/Remove Programs, but REPAIR button remains inactive!


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In that case I’m not sure where else to try. Hopefully someone else has good suggestions.

If it does come to reinstall CIS, you should follow the advice I give in this post. Be sure to run the removal tools in Safe Mode.

No problem. I’ll try to repair from the CIS setup, I just downloaded. Than we will see.


Edit: Now it’s OK after upgrade/re-installation. :-TU

It’s most likely you Isolated Explorer.exe and not CamStudioCodec_1.5_Setup.exe as you lost control of your PC.

As you cannot launch the CIS V6 gui in Safe Mode (f8) your only choice is to change the registry key.


Hi Dennis,

I was able to launch CIS gui in Safe Mode first, than in Normal Mode after. But HIPS was not functional. Entire CIS setup too. Anyway, I did a repair from new CIS setup. It worked, even that, I must re-install all things (CCE, Killswitch) from beginning. ;D