Solved: Defense+ failure - D+ stopped working

Solved: I had several days ago set (because of the many alert dialogs I got for these) the files conhost.exe, taskhost.exe, services.exe and explorer.exe as Trusted Files. I went through the Defense+ Rules list and removed the entries for these files and rebooted. After that I set explorer.exe to Windows System Application because I get the most alerts for this one (hope this is right).
Everything seems to work again now.

What are the correct settings for conhost.exe, taskhost.exe and services.exe? I have them set to Custom, all check boxes to Ask.

I noticed today that I was not getting any alerts anymore from Defense+ when installing or running a new program executable I downloaded even though I have Defense set to Paranoid Mode.

I have also removed all items from Trusted Software Vendors and all items from Trusted Files but this has no effect.
After 3 hours of experimenting and searching for a solution here and on other sites I think it’s better to ask for help now…


  1. I can run any new program executable without getting an alert
  2. I can even remove individual Defense+ Rules from the existing Rules list and run the corresponding programs without getting a Defense+ alert.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this issue? Thanks a lot.