( Solved) defene +, sandbox does not act in certain situations

opening unknown files in download manager the sandbox is ignored, the sandbox is also ignored if I open the destination folder by download manager and open the executable.
only work the comodo when I opened the destination folder by Windows Explorer .
I have tried in all possible configurations.
sorry my english!
link: comodo and download manager - YouTube

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AFAIK, IDM is trusted application (safe) so it is normal that it opens unknown files without sandbox warning.

Hi liosant,

1st, the Tube silent clip, which you posted is “silent nothing” :wink:
(I don’t mean adding some weird music in the background) … it is just simply incomprehensible whether user is advanced or newbie … bluntly - it’s useless

…But then, why would you use unworkable Comodo’s so called sandbox, as it’s developed at the moment?

Please try Sandboxie


you come to see the part where the destination folder access files through the IDM and yet the sandbox or defense + does not emit warning?
and only worked when I accessed the folder directly from windows explorer.

the image and a universal language, not the Portuguese. :-TU

Spyshelter installer and executable are both on the white list. A trusted program, IDM, is allowed to start another trusted program without notification.

That’s by design.

i disagree, then a lay user, or use free download manager IDM, mistakenly enters a site, or the same is directed to a website and downloads an executable containing malware and opens the executable directly by download manager will not act without a warning the sandbox or defense +, this is what you’re saying?

In that case you will get a warning that IDM wants to start an unknown application. So the user will be warned.

I have not done anything and one hour to another CIS now isolates or alert.
apparently solved!