[Solved] Comodo FW+HIPS take 5 seconds to 30+ seconds to remember rules

Updated Win7 64 ultimate
Core i7 920 with 12GB RAM
Tweaked Win Services
HIPS set to paranoid and FW set to custom ruleset

Hello :slight_smile:

Every time i allow or block a FW or HIPS behaviour with [remember] checked
it takes from 5 seconds to 30+ seconds for comodo to add the rule
and in the meantime, I see cmdagent.exe use 12% CPU cycles.

I already performed an uninstall/reinstall (removed the driver and the files in users’ folder)

It seems that the bigger the rules list grows the more it takes comodo time to accept new ones.

Every time i add a rule (from pop-up) or update the rules list i see cmdagent.exe use 12% CPU cycles.

Is it supposed to be a normal behaviour ? If no, what can i do to solve this ?

Yes its normal. People use to have massive rules lists in v3 etc and it would impact system performance, hence why the trusted file system was introduced to reduce the need for rules for recognized files/processes.

OK, thank you for your reply aim4it :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile:

After reinstalling Windows 7 and importing my CIS configuration
I found out that Trusteer Rapport from IBM
is responsible for CIS rules updates heavy lag.

CIS now runs rather smoothly ; 9 seconds to update global rules
and less than 5 seconds to update rules via alert pop-up.