[SOLVED] COMODO Blocking Multiple Things Automatically

[color=green]Problem SOLVED
See solution at reply #7.

Hello, I just got COMODO and it is already blocking stuff. Please tell me how to fix this.
In defense+
-Blocking BoostSpeed.exe from accessing memory target is cis.exe
-Blocking c:\Windows\SysWOW64\cmd.exe from creating process target kdbsync.exe
-Sandboxed kbdsync.exe
-Blocked CCC.exe from direct disk access
-Sandboxed MMLoadDrv.exe

In firewall
-Blocks Windows OS, target In, Protocol ARP, source IP my IP i believe

How can I get COMODO firewall to stop blocking completely safe programs? How can I get it to ask me first? Please help!



Please only bump a topic once every 24 hours. As these are community driven forums it may take a while for someone who knows enough to answer your question to stumble across it.

As for your first question, CIS will not allow any file to access any of the CIS files. Thus, your first alert is to be expected and nothing to worry about.

In general, I was wondering whether all applications are able to run correctly. In other words, are you seeing that applications are failing to run, or complete tasks, or have you just noticed these events in the logs and are wondering what they are?

Is the firewall preventing applications from accessing the internet, or are these just alerts you are seeing for the Firewall component as well?


They seem to be working. Before posting this I should of tried training mode. That was stupid of me. :embarassed:

Glad to hear it’s working. Please let me know if it decides to be less than cooperative.

Would it also stop COMODO from blocking things automatically to uncheck the setting in setup that says to try to not pop up alerts that require lots of thinking? Also, would turning firewall on “Custom” help? One more thing, the reason why I was concerned about it blocking things even though it did not break them is because Auslogics Boostspeed kept trying to access COMODO continuously and I was worried that it might trigger a self defense mode. (I heard that if COMODO gets too many requests, a self defense mode is activated)

I’ve never had any problems with CIS blocking memory targets.

Custom mode will give the user the ability to block applications from contacting the internet, even if they are in the Trusted Files List.