[Solved] Comodo And Windows 8 Question?.

Should Comodo be showing in the Start Up Programs list?. I just noticed today when I ran my weekly check with CCleaner on laptop that there is no entry for Comodo under the Windows entries on the Start Up Screen. There are entries for Comodo in the Context menu in the same screen. Is this normal as I am sure there was an entry before. I checked using Autoruns as well and no Comodo on the Logon entries. Comodo appears to be working and the AV is up to date but I feel something is wrong. Can anyone offer any advice here?.
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Yes, normally CIS has a tile on the start screen of win 8.

If you right click the start screen to invoke “all applications” do you see Comodo Internet Security? If yes right click it and click on pin to start to get back your CIS tile on the start screen.

I don’t think he meant the start menu, I think he meant in CCleaner’s Startup tool (see screenshot) and I do not have an entry either, however I’m not really worried since I know that CIS initializes and I believe it does so correctly.

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Yes SanyaIV, that is what I meant. Comodo appears to be functioning as it should I just couldn’t remember whether it had been there in the CCleaner start up entries or not. Thanks for the reply I just wanted a confirmation and yours saved me reinstalling Comodo so thank you.

Under Windows 7 cistray.exe is an HKLM:Run object - you’ll see the startup entry with CCleaner. Under Windows 8, cistray.exe start is moved to Task Scheduler. I assume this is to cater for ModernUI…

Thanks Radaghast, Looking again at CCleaner the cistray.exe shows up under Tools>Start Up>Scheduled Tasks now, so that explains it. You can mark this thread solved for me now.
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