SOLVED : cmdagent.exe has a high CPU usage...

Hi !

There is a little bug with cmdagent.exe which sometimes has a high CPU usage.

I have found the culprit of this, you will find it in the HIPS Settings : it is the “Create rules for safe applications”. Just put this option unchecked and that will solve the problem.

I have written this comment to help anyone who has this problem but also to alert COMODO people about the fact that this special option just be carefully watched by them and repaired.

Hi Sputnik55
Default installation, the box is unchecked
Best regard

Please attach a system summary (run > msinfo32 > save) & diagnostics report (help > support > diagnostics). Thanks.

@ qmarius

I am not very familiar with the uses of bug’s reporting on this forum.

I understand what you mean by “system summary (run > msinfo32 > save)” and I will be able to supply this summary in a future comment, but I don’t understand “diagnostics report (help > support > diagnostics)” that I have been searching for but with no results.

Consider that my mother tongue is french and that my system’s language is also french.

If it doesn’t bother you to receive the system’s summary and the diagnostics report in french, I will send these like this to you, but you will have first to indicate more clearly to me where I can produce this “diagnostics report”.

French forum if needed
forum français si nécessaire

For diagnosis
Voir images jointes

@ qmarius

Immediately after posting my last comment, the light came and I found what I was asking for.

You will find the 2 documents you have asked from me as attachments.

[at] qmarius

The System’s Summary wasn’t sent in my previous comment.

My apologies.

Here it is now.

Thank you.

Do you experience very high CPU usage (%)? Over 40-50%, maybe?
Could you check this issue with version <> BETA?

[at] qmarius

I have just tried this beta version ad there is no problem with this one. :slight_smile:

That’s great news. It would be nice if you could come back after some time again with another diagnostics report since you seem to have experienced some behind-the-scene issues with ‘cmdinstall.exe’ process. :slight_smile:

I will send another such report in a week or two.

In that case, you may want to consider ProcDump as postportem debugger.

Use: procdump -ma -i c:\dumps

Check dumps folder from time to time for crash dumps & provide these. (if the issue is related to Comodo Internet Security)

Many thanks in advance.

PS: It’s recommended to check issues with newer versions all the time (even if it’s beta stage).

Moving to resolved, if you have issues again please say so here and make the report in the required format thanks.

Hi, hope okay to tag on a thanks as the OP to this thread just worked a treat for me. Was finding Comodo Internet Security Helper Service always top of task manager list for CPU usage by a long way (Win 10Pro, CIS until I just read this thread and unticked “Create rules for safe applications”. CIS Helper Service dropped to 0 to 0.1% and hasn’t shifted since…