[Solved] CIS-Innocent installer destroyer.

I installed MediaInfo while running CIS on my W10 x64 Pro system. When I got finished I could find no trace of poor innocent MediaInfo. Since I got NO messages during install, I was somewhat puzzled. I finally found it in hidden folder C:\VTRoot. Google told me Comodo was the source of this folder. MediaInfo was not in Control Panel-Uninstall a Program or the Start Menu. After going to CIS-Unblock Applications and removing MediaInfo, reinstalling it, removing it (getting Contained against the Uninstaller-at least a message), unblocking the uninstaller, then uninstalling and reinstalling, I finally had MediaInfo in the Start menu and Control Panel-Uninstall a Program and it actually worked.
My opinion:
CIS should not be killing files/programs without telling the user!
CIS should not be killing files/programs without asking the user’s permission!

Perhaps I have missed a setting (not default) that would stop this tragedy. If so, please tell me how to prevent CIS from hiding my files from me. I hope this all is a bug that will be corrected soon and if not then the defaults will be changed soon.
Thanks much and enjoy, John.

Hi Johnhc,

When you run an application inside the sandox(now its containment), it will be installed in seperate location(C:\VTRoot) and all registries and shortcuts are created in seperate place as it will be done normally. The main advantage of this you can run any application without any fear of crash or any system changes can reach your main machine. you can aslo test any beta versions using this feature.

In your case, the CIS would have considered it as ‘Unrecognized’ status run the application in Containment to safeguard against malware changing the behavior of a previously trusted application. they can be given the ‘Trusted’ rating. Refer to the description of changing the file rating for more details.

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Thanks, PremJK. The real point I am trying to make is the default settings have caused serious problems for me and I hope they will change. When I updated to CIS 10, suddenly I find files hidden from me and not running properly. I cannot even find them to run them. My most serious complaint is that CIS said nothing to me! If I uncheck “Do not show privilege elevation alerts”, will I at least get a warning that my file is “Contained”? I guess I can DL an installer, go to CIS “File rating” and set it to “Run Unlimited…”, eliminating the problem - True?. I suggest your product needs to be more user friendly, especially when major updates come along. Really important now because you are telling W10 users they must update before the “Creator’s update” (I deferred it in my systems).
Thanks and enjoy, John.

EDIT: I tried to update the BIOS on one of my systems running CIS 10 and it did nothing. It occurred to me today that CIS had blocked it without reporting anything and that is what happened (updater is in Blocked Applications list). This makes an annoying problem into a dangerous problem.

The option of Do not show privilege elevation alerts being set was a mistake in this release but has been corrected in the preview build and will stay that way when the newer final release comes out sometime this week.

Thanks, futuretech. I will remove the check. Enjoy, John.