[SOLVED] CES vs CIS (in versions)


Current version of CIS is 6.1.275152.2801 which was launched on April.
Current version of CES is 6.0.268128.2731 which was launched dont know when.

I understand CIS and CES are different products when it comes to management through ESM.
But for end-users and bugs, I believe they are the same (correct me if I am wrong, please).

My question is, how it will be in the future for version releases?
Will CES be always behind CIS version (bug fixes) in long or short time frames?

Hi w-e-v,

CES and CIS will become very different products over time. We have only just split them up so at the moment the differences are not really noticeable.

In the future, while both products will share a similar code base, the networking and management components of CES will be more noticeable.

CES is not ‘behind’ CIS. The version numbers are different because CES is newer and therefore has had fewer revisions than CIS, that is all.