[Solved]CD25.0.2: yahoo is the default search engine, no matter of your settings

My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit, I have installed CD in the default directory and besides CD I just have internet explorer. I have deleted every search engine, keeping only Google.

The bug I found is like this: even if I have Google as the default (and only) search engine, CD sometimes uses yahoo when you make a search.
This seems to happen only when CD starts for the first time of the day. If you select some text in a webpage, right-click on it and then click on “search TEXT by…”, CD uses yahoo, no matter of the default search engine you have set up.
I have attached 3 screenshots:

  1. my settings about search engines
  2. what happens when i make a search for the first time after starting CD (you can see the search engine is yahoo)
  3. what happens if you make a second search (the search engine is google, as it should be)
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Hi Jon79, thanks for posting this. :slight_smile:
Yes I have seen it with text search and yes I agree it is a bug.

I found it happens the first highlighted text search after browser restart, right clicking a second time brings up the selected search engine and then it is OK for the rest of the session.

does that mean that it will be fixed… have to say it is annoying as i hate yahoo

Hi rabtok,
I can not speak for Comodo, but I imagine it will be looked into. :slight_smile:

This bug has not been fixed even on version 25.2 >:(


Topic locked as this appears to be solved with the latest release. :-TU
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