[Solved] CD vers. displays pages incorrectly!


I’m having a problem after updated CD form vers.26 to vers.27. I’ve two computers, one with WIN 7 32bit and other WIN 7 64Bit. This issue appears only on the second PC (64bit). I don’t know, it’s a bug or what?! I tried to uninstall/reinstall CD, but the weird thing still persist. :embarassed:

This problem doesn’t appear in other browsers, IE10, FF21 etj.

Any help/suggestion would be welcome.

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Hi ujku1977,
Try clearing your browsing data. Ctrl+Shift+Del

Do you have any 3rd party extensions?
If yes, try running with them disabled.

Are you graphics drivers up to date?


Hi captainsticks,

The problem was resolved after an Ctrl+Shift+Del.

Thanks for the help.

Hi ujku1977,
Thanks for posting back and glad to hear all is fine. :slight_smile:
It does appear sometimes that the browser data or cache becomes corrupt for some reason after an update.

Typical cause of corrupted browser cache seems to me the crashing of the browser. Thinking along that line I could imagine that having Dragon closed by the installer may not be a proper way of closing it and could be corrupting the cache.

Agreed with the typical cause Eric.
If this it what happens the installer/updater should be coded to clean the cache during an update, but maybe warn the user that cache cleaning will occur if continue is selected.

Edit: I think maybe even certain extensions or settings could be slightly interfering during an update on some individual system giving unexpected and inconsistent results.