[SOLVED] CCE 2.4 virus database update stuck at 44%

As the subject says. See image attached

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i have noticed this with cce and cav. it pauses for a bit after it downloads the big initial database. its not frozen just wait and it will continue. its been that way for a while

You’re right. The update restarted and performed.

The same problem! but i wated for 5 hours and it’s still 44%! How to update? what to do?

yeah me too have to wait almost all day just to updating my virus database update, sometimes it just freeze n sometimes it’s said that couldn’t reach the sever of virus database. what should i do to get my virus database update?

I just wonder what the Solved part is for this CCE stuck at 44% ?

I guess you click skip then run the scan?

Is that was has been Solved ?

Any comment please regards


I pressed Skip then bold black text at the bottom says your system will reboot in 30 seconds to re do the update. I just pressed Exit.

So I’m puzzled

Plus with my update it did the whole 112mb which is max download but still stuck at 44%

Hi Nige_40,
It was solved for the OP, as wasgij6 pointed out that a pause occurred and if you wait it will continue.
This worked for Boris3 who was the OP and marked it solved.

OK Thanks Captainsticks. I will wait. Not 5 hours like fibboo said :slight_smile:

But thanks for help


It fine now, I just waited for about 25 mins before it moved on and the scan ran well from then

Just thought I do some feedback



Thanks for the feedback Nige_40, I am glad it worked for you in the end.
Future updates might be quicker and let us hope future versions do not have that delay.