[Solved] cavwp is scanning all my files, how often will this happen?

I have been using comodo firewall and CIS for a really very long time and i want to say a big thanks to Comodo for giving this top quality software for free. Few days ago i bought windows 8 pro and did a clean install on my pc. After updating i downloaded and installed CIS premium on the clean system (only netbeans, vmware player and nvidia drivers installed). I disabled the antivirus realtime scan, the File Rating (Enable Cloud Lookup), the behavior blocker (Auto sandbox) and HIPS and started working. Today i noticed that my hard drives where noisy for no reason so i checked windows resource monitor and found out that a CIS proccess called cavwp was accessing all my files. The cpu usage is average 1 - 1.5% (i have seen it up to 3.5%) which doesnt affect me at all and i never had a delay when working so i guess your software is smart enough to stop accessing files on hard disks when i try to use them.
There are two things i would like to know about this proccess so i can accept it running on the background. Firslty how is this proccess helping me protect my pc, i wasnt able to find good information about this one when i googled it, my wild guess is that it is a local version of file rating but i would like to know more. Secondly since my files are really many in this workstation and it will take days to finish with this speed i would like to know how often this noisy procedure will repeat it self, because if it is too often it could be a problem because of my noisy hard drives and the fragile SSD’s.

EDIT: I think i rushed before submiting this post , the answer was obvious cavwp is the antivirus doing a scheduled scan, i just edited scans changed it according to my needs.
Mod Edit: Added solved to the title, Captainsticks.

Hi and welcome chris_athens,
Thank you for posting back that you found the answer. :-TU