[SOLVED] cavwp.exe and Framework.dll errors in eventviewer

About a month ago i build a new PC and installed CIS again cause it did what i needed on my old setup. Now i have a problem with those 2 files on my new system.

Everytime i start some programs (namely JDownloader2 and Vuze, dont know if there are more) my PC hangs for about 3 - 5 min. I can click Icons on my Desktop in that time, but nothing reacts till that timeframe is over. Then everything i clicked starts up simultanously like i pull out my finger of a bottle of water, if you understand. That happens only the very first start of the program. Every other start in that sessions reacts in less then 2 seconds like every other program on my PC too.

I already did a few things like preloading some system services on startup, but it didnt helped. Now i looked into the eventviewer and i was surprised to see that i get everyday multiple times this kind of error:

Name der fehlerhaften Anwendung: cavwp.exe, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x5da874ac
Name des fehlerhaften Moduls: Framework.dll, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x5d9caed5
Ausnahmecode: 0xc0000005
Fehleroffset: 0x0000000000008c32
ID des fehlerhaften Prozesses: 0x249c
Startzeit der fehlerhaften Anwendung: 0x01d5b0fa83dae52a
Pfad der fehlerhaften Anwendung: C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cavwp.exe
Pfad des fehlerhaften Moduls: C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\Framework.dll
Berichtskennung: 2973db10-119b-4ea8-aa18-dd016861f3cb

Im from Germany btw, so sorry for the german log, but it should not be that hard to understand. The timestamps in those errors are matching with the time i started those programs, which leads me to the conclusion that CIS is causing these startup problems. Its always cavwp.exe and Framework.dll, nothing else. I already uninstalled and reinstalled CIS 3 times, no effect. It cant be my system, cause its brandnew and i have no problems whatsoever elsewere. I run the latest version and WIN10 1909 18363.476.

Maybe someone can help me out here, because i like comodo and i want to keep using it, but not if have to sacrifice response time everyday.

Yep a known issue with 12.1, you can either use the 12.2 beta which fixes this issue or go back to You can get the firewall only installer of 6882 here and if you want to also install the AV, just go to control panel > programs and features > comodo firewall and click change, it will give you the option to change the installation and select the anti-virus. If you choose to use the beta, be sure to follow the first post to properly install it.

I installed the beta and apparently the issue is gone or maybe its just random. I will monitor it a while. I will be certain in the next session after i completely shut down my pc over the night, cause thats the moment where it triggered to 100%. Thank you so far.

Errors are gone from the Eventviewer. Jdownloader and Vuze are starting instantly after fresh boot. Im no fan of beta builds, but this one helped. Thank you.