[Solved] Can't receive e-mail using Thunderbird 3.1

I’ve got a problem.
Before CIS, I’ve always used Avast! 5 (free). With Avast! I could use Mozilla Thunderbird without any problems. However, since I started using CIS I can’t use Thunderbird anymore. I always get an error in Dutch after double-clicking thunderbird.exe. I’ll try to translate it: “Connection time with server [my e-mail adress] has expired.” (Correct me if this sounds stupid. Please. :P) After that error I can’t receive e-mail, but I can send e-mail.

So my question is: does anyone know how to configure CIS so that this error won’t pop up anymore and that I can receive my e-mail again?

Look in Comodo firewall events to see if it is blocked, if so look for the rule in your network security policy and delete it, or change Thunderbird application rules to Email Client by selecting Thunderbird and editing it.

Okay, by changing the application rules to Email Client I get a pop-up from Comodo Firewall when I start up Thunderbird (thunderbird.exe is trying to connect to the Internet), but after clicking ‘Allow’ I still get the same error…

Try looking at Defense+ events to see if you have a block rule created there, if so remove it and when asked again allow & remember it.

I don’t see Thunderbird mentioned in the Defense+ events, unfortunately.
Thanks for your help so far anyway!

I’m out of ideas now, so hopefully someone else will be along.

I remember allowing Thunderbird for something when it updated recently and mine works as normal.

Are both ports 25 and 110 allowed in pop/smtp ports firewall rules?

Where can I find those firewall rules?

Common Tasks, My Ports Sets, Pop/smtp.

In standard pop mail, sending is smtp port 25, receiving pop port 110.

These values could be different if using ssl connexion: this “bug” is documented from users migrating from Thunderbird 2 to 3 and forgetting to uncheck the ssl option.

Yes, ports 25 and 110 are both allowed.

The firewall strategy for thunderbird shoud be:
tcp out, from ip any to (the ip range of your isp), source port any, dest port=pop3/smtp, allow.

Defense+ policy for mail is supposedly not an issue, because you would have no mail at all (no sending, no receiving), but who knows, check the settings.

The remaining issues are either sandbox, either thunderbird settings themselves.

What happens when you give Tbird the email policy?

Deleting my existing account and setting up a new account using the steps given by Google did the trick.
Thank you all for your help, anyway. :wink: