SOLVED: Can't read or select files for transfer from a .cbu full backup

Hi there and thank you for helping! :slight_smile:

I just reinstalled windows after some very odd behavior from my boot install (Comodo would not restore the boot drive during startup) and I was wondering if there is any way to restore certain items only from my disk image? I mean things like save games etc that I totally forgot to save before I reformatted but that should be in my backup file.

I have mounted in comodo backup, but it only seems to want to restore to a whole drive. I have a partition that is free that I could restore to or dump files on, but this does not appear to be an option so if it is possible to mount the backup on a virtual drive and just read it as if it were a disk in daemon tools say that would be awesome and would really help me.

Hope this option exists and thank you in advance for your help! :slight_smile:


p.s. when I select CBU Mount, it says it cannot open the file

edit: it appears it is mounted, but it is not showing in windows explorer and shows offline in diskmgmt; something about a signature collision

Ok, well I appear to be getting there somewhat; I can now mount and see the drive in windows after doing this: How to Change the Disk Signature of a Drive Without Losing Existing Data or Reformatting ( on the boot drive to change the UID and then repairing windows to read the new ID.

Now the issue is that the mounted drive cannot be read and shows as corrupted

N:\ is not accessible

The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

Seem to have fixed it, with a few errors :stuck_out_tongue:

I re-mounted the drive in read/write via CBU and then ran chkdsk N: /R (for the last couple hours) and it’s fixed most of the errors on the image and now I can read it :slight_smile: though I am just doing an unmounted system error check just to be sure

Hope this helps someone else!

There is a known issue with mounting disk backups larger than 4GB.
The problem will be fixed in the next release.