[SOLVED] :Can't install CIS. Error 12031.

Win 7 32bit. Various versions of CISPremium_installer. Last one I tried was One of them was a 6100_08…

The error message is

Failed to initialise the installer. Please check your Internet connection and Internet Explorer connection settings.
Error 12031. The connection with the server was reset.

I have uninstalled the old CIS. Then I used the MODs’ version of the cleaner and also the cleanup tool Uninstaller Tool.exe. Both of these I ran in safe mode with networking.I alsotried the reinstall in Safe Mode. I uninstalled another AV program I had put in place when the trouble started happening and I wanted some protection.

From what I have read, this can happen if IE is running at install time. But it’s not.

Any help appreciated… CIS is a top programme, but no good to me if it’s just not there. :frowning: The irony is I wanted to update because of the lastest virus that has popped up.

Check to make sure IE is not running in windows task manager, check IE proxy settings, check your hosts file and try to ping download.comodo.com.

Thanks for the reply. I should have said that I checked for IE in Task Manager and it’s definitely not running.

As for the rest of it…no idea how :o

For proxy go to start menu and type proxy and enter for configure proxy server then at the new window click the LAN settings button. Then uncheck all check boxes and ok out those windows. To check your hosts file go to start and type in %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts select notepad or wordpad when asked to open file with. Then see if you have any entries that are not preceded by a # symbol. To ping comodo download servers go to run type cmd and enter then at command prompt type ping download.comodo.com then enter to see results. You should get reply from messages if you can ping successfully.

Thanks for all that!

I will give it a go when I can, but I discovered I had a really old IE version, so I figured I would update…then found I had to have SP1 of Win 7. I am currently waiting for SP1 to download, intermittently dropping download speed to 50 bytes, yes bytes, / sec :frowning: Not my problem. My DL speeds today are normally in the mid to high hundreds of KB/s.

Hey! The updates did the trick. If I had realised how old IE was, I would have done that straight away and not wasted your time :embarassed:

All I can say is sorry and I really am still grateful for your efforts.