[SOLVED] Cannot install COMODO Internet Security

I’ve been using the firewall with AVG Free for a while now and i tried to update my firewall to the new CIS version 5.0.163652… After i run the download and it starts installing it stops and i get the message ‘Cannot install COMODO Internet Security Error 13. Data is invalid’… I have the old Firewall
installed and even though it’s old i haven’t had any bother from it, and it’s kept my computer pretty clean, i just thought i’d treat my puter to a new version.

Tried downloading the last version 4 cis but still getting the same error message.

Did you install the old v3? You need to uninstall it first before you can install the newer versions.

Doh! :-[ For some reason i thought if it caused a clash with the old version it would have overwritten it… :stuck_out_tongue: Thanx for your time :-TU