[SOLVED] btwdins.exe FP or not?

I use CIS 3.12.111745.560 (Virus DB 2546) on a Vista Ultimate x64.
When I do Run a scan>My Computer, Trojware.Win32.Spy.Pophot.~UA[at]22653134 is detected.
Instead, when I check the file singularly (or the entire folder that contains it), no virus is detected.
Link to the file:

Hi notabile,

Thanks for reporting.We will check that and get back to you.


Every time I update the virus DB the malware name changes.
Attached are the results of “Run a scan>My Computer” with rispectively Db 2552 2546 and 2539.

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Hi notabile,

This FP has been fixed.Please check in virus signature database 2587.If any questions,pls let us know.

Thanks and Regards,