[SOLVED] [5.0.163652.1142] How to unblock file?


I searched the archives with “how to unblock” or “unblocking”, but didn’t find an answer.

I launched a program, then CIS Defense asked me whether I wanted to Block/Allow. Since this was a new file, I figured I should scan it with CIS AntiVirus first, so hit Block.

AV says the file is OK, so now, I’d like to run it but when I do, I get a Windows error message: “Error executing program!”.

I looked around in the Defense+ part of CIS, but couldn’t find a way to unblock a file. How can I do this?

Thank you.

Blocked files are listed in Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Blocked Files.

Thanks for the tip. The UI says “There are no items to show” and I can launch the application. It looks like when we hit “Block”, CIS only blocks a file temporarily.

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Add the wanted in trusted files (CIS —> Defense+ —> Trusted file —> Add)

Valentin N

Yes it works that way.

If you tick box Remember my answer it will save you decision, when are not sure leave it unticked and it only blocks for that session.


Actually, it was the same session, I didn’t log off or restart XP. Thanks for the help.