solve this!

Ok listen up you fatfucks

My phone is locked due to your badly scripted comodo app. itried removing it as an device manager then it prompted me to enter a password. I litterally changed the password 2 minutes before that because I knew the app is known for its bad friendly usership. Now I am locked out of my fucking phone because this SHIT APP WONT LET ME. It wont ACCEPT my fucking password, and when pressing the button to send an email I dont receive anything! Sms doesnt work either ( put sim card in a different phone after trying still didnt recejve any sms ) now I need to go to work tomorrow and you dumbfucks better email me with a god ■■■■ solution cause this shit is not acceptable! It doesnt accept my password even tho I know its right, it doesnt send a sms and neither an email. I have a samsung galaxy s6 which I am locked out of. i hope the developers or somebody else knows how to fix this contacts me so I can remove this horrible poorly scripted app!
please send a message to my on this forum.

Ps I need my s6 unlocked asap! It has a lof of important stuff on it for my work and has family pictures on it that mean a lot to me.

Any app one installs on their phone is done so “at their own risk”, no matter who the developer is.
Don’t ever come on here with an attitude like this again. You will get far more support with the proper attitude/request.

If your phone is rooted, it is a simple solution.

if you are not rooted, you must first uncheck it as a Device Manager. Retry your password, carefully.
Have you tried clearing the app’s data from within the App Manager?