Soluto: Anti-Frustration Software

Soluto is interesting…after a PC start-up, it tells you what programs took up a what amount of boot time. So you can see what is causing your PC to be slow. Then, you can see recommendations from other users about what you should do: change it to manual start, delay start, or let the program boot normally. All in an easy, nice looking interface. It’s just in beta now, but it is still useful.


Sounds pretty interesting, thanks for the link! :slight_smile:

How does it work though, have you tried it?

It works very well both on real and virtual systems.
It allows to detect boot slowdowns and take actions over some of the startup items.

Yes, I’ve watched the videos. I think I’m going to have to give this a try.

My system doesn’t have any slowdowns that I’m aware of because I’ve already culled the unnecessary stuff, but I’m a sucker for this type of thing. :wink:

Yes, I tried it…it worked well. Many of the things were too important to remove, but I could delay some. I’m not sure if Soluto has to start at boot for the delay starts to work or not. But it has an option to automatically close after boot is finished (right-click tray icon).

Installed. Pretty neat software.

Didn’t help much in my situation. Boot took a minute and a half, 1/3 of that being CIS loading. (28 seconds) Other than CIS, everything it suggested to remove (2 no brainer removes, 9 potentially removable) would only save 15 seconds. Not worth delaying anything really.

And the two no brainers were Launchy and Sandboxie. Both loading in less than a second. I’ll leave those. :wink:

I think I’ll leave it installed because the history feature looks pretty cool.

Me too ;D before I had Soluto install it took my PC 1:46 and I’ve pause 8 application from the No-brainer section reboot my PC and it taking 1:27, I didn’t see much of a different if my PC was booting any quicker or any slow down problem ;D any way I keeping this too :wink: it looks really cool.

Not really a security product, is it? Anyway, that aside, I think that this sounds like a great product and if I had enough RAM to run a virtual machine on I would test this. :-TU

What mod moved this to “Other Security Products”? I put it in the General section for a reason…it isn’t a security product. 88)

It’s interesting. The first boot after installing Soluto was the longest. Subsequent boots have been taking around 50 seconds. (I made no changes to the boot, of course)

This happens to me in the past also. Not at all releases if I remember correctly.
Seems things get better in subsequent boots.

+1 Mind boot-up and fully operational in 57sec man! that was pretty quick for me ;D :o :o

this might help with my boot up time…used to be fast but due to downloading programs for everyone else its ridiculous…

!ot! YAY 500 posts…Here’s to many more!!! :■■■■

Well, after managing to get it installed, did 2 reboots and have some results:

Boot 59s
Items 31(!)

the only really significant ones are Avast! and Comodo; the other 29 are very short and a lot of them are needed for the system.
If I weren’t connected to anything I wouldn’t need a firewall etc. OK, I knew that, so although there might be some useful details re. booting, in reality I can do SFA!

I use it few months already and its fantastic!

I am on my way to try it. My computer starts quite fast even now.

Valentin N

after soluto checked my system it said that my OS should be fully loaded after 2m (before 3min) so I take it as good thing :slight_smile: :-TU

When you used Soluto for a while it will become a bit quicker than 2mins :wink:

Yes. Ironically, Soluto seems to slow down the first boot after installation.

Now uninstalled - total saving of about 2s for any reasonably delayable loading, took about 20s longer to boot and the delayed items neede abou 2 mins. to load.
Interesting to see what was happening but is a bit like spending a pound to save a penny.