This is a new, free application to reduce your PC’s boot time. It’s still in Beta.

Stable and does it job. Can help debugging and reducing the boot time.
Allows pausing (manual starting the application) or delay the starting in the boot.

Drawback: it runs on each boot. Future versions will allow run on demand only.

I’m posting a screenshot of a testing software boot problem I had.

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I’m curious on this and will try it after creating a new image :).

Why is it a drawback if the purpose of it is to reduce the boot time? I find that ironic.

Will you try to reduce your boot time each time you boot?
It’s paranoid.
It’s a tool to analyze, take decisions, implement. After that, it should remain in silence imho.
It does not improve your boot time each time. It’s not a speedup tool. It’s a tool for analysis.

Oh in that case I don’t need it ;D. I thought it did according to SG65.

It's not a speedup tool.

It is also a speedup tool, since it reduces the boot time; but you’re right about running at each statrtup. It should be on demand.
Did you have a keylogger alert while installing it?

No, as I’ve installed it only with avast and not with CIS.

I didn’t install it with CIS myself. I’ve installed it on my second PC with Online Armor. But I suppose D+ would alert in the same way.
If someone installs it with CIS could he/she provide some feedback?

Yes, 2 D+ alerts and one firewall. Installer signed but not whitelisted.

Thanks James.
I confirmed the program was clean, but I wanted to make sure it was a HIPS thing (like when you install Google Earth… you know).

The only easy ones for me would have saved 1.1 seconds, CIS gives me a 34 second slowdown. I am on a cheap Acer laptop with vista which requires a lot of processes, so very slow to boot.

Really… Seems too much. I have CIS in a VirtualBox XP and it takes very little.

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