SOLUTION to Windows Firewall/Network Discovery ON/OFF

HA! Me Happy! Many VISTA users all over the internet are displeased that whenever they install a different firewall, Vista firewall does not automatically disable itself. Can’t have 2 firewalls running at the same time, so you have to manually disable the Vista firewall. That was easy…NOT!!

As soon as you disable it, Windows automatically RE-ENABLES Network Discovery and File Sharing!!
That may be why Comodo no longer disables Vista’s firewall automatically. Because of the consequences.
Millions of University students and other folks use shared networks. Basically public wifi. They are instructed to TURN OFF Network Discovery and File Sharing. Since most of them use PAID AV suites in their PCs, which include a firewall, they can’t turn it off without running TWO firewalls at the same time. Then the problems start. No more.

TURN OFF Windows Vista firewall
Go to “services” in Vista.
Once the list comes up, scroll down to Function Discovery Resource Publication.
DISABLE then STOP the service.
That’s it.
Without this service running, you will now see, next to Network Discovery, the word “custom”.
That means you have a custom policy that effectively DISABLES Network Discovery in Vista.
You are now INVISIBLE on the Network just like before! Same as when it was Turned Off.

Isn’t it wonderful when you can have your cake and eat it too!!! YESSSSSS!!!