Solution found for virus database update problem :)

Hi. I had this update problem just like many people here. The solution that I found is fairly easy. :smiley: You just need to put in a proxy for connection and the update will run just fine. If you don’t have an external proxy, I suggest you put at port 80.

Please describe the problem you have solved,
or give a link to a relevant topic.

There could be many people with an update problem of a totally different nature.

Surely a bad joke from the OP. will always points to your own PC and you won’t be able to open any site.

Using this setting via internet connections, could cause a loss to the outside world with anything relying on Internet explorer. Using this setting via CIS GUI could cause communications from CIS to Comodo to be lost, either way could cause a security risk. To OP how can this work? Kind regards.
Edit- Typing error.

Perhaps I am not clear enough. My take on the problem is that, it can be solved when you use a proxy instead of direct connection. It certainly doesn’t make sense, but at least it works for me. The suggestion to point the proxy settings to localhost is for those who know how to set up a proxy server.

Hi Jlryan. Apologies for the misunderstanding of your post. Thanks.

No worries :smiley: