Solution: CIS Crashes in Windows 7 x64

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If you are observing system freezes in Windows 7 x64 starting from yesterday, here are the instructions you can follow:

1 - IF you are able to update your virus database to 7785 and later, the issue should be fixed. Try clicking on Antivirus->Update Virus Database link.
2 - If you can not update your virus database:
2.1 - Please boot your computer into the safe mode and copy the file “C:\Program Files\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security\repair\bases.cav” to directory “C:\Program Files\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security\scanners”
2.2 - Reboot your computer and update your virus database again.

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What about crashes on XP 32-bit? I submitted a few crash dumps to the email address - is that email (cpfbugs) still being monitored and dumps being looked at? Thanks.

I followed exactly the procedures as described. It still says it’s up-to-date. Should I maybe MOVE the file instead of copying it?

No, copy is what is required I think. The aim, I assume, is to overwrite the bases.cav file under \scanners with that of the \repair version. In effect, using the last-know-good version of bases.cav. When the AV subsequently updates, it will then create the latest bases.cav under \scanners. Thus, missing the 778n bases.cav version(s) which caused the problems.

edit: CIS might not be happy without a bases.cav under /repair anyways. :wink:

the file version that downloads from the website is currently 5.3.45685.1236. When installed exactly the same version of bases.cav exists in both those folders, and even if I log in to Safe Mode and copy/paste regardless of this, I still crash when logging in.

I guess the only solution is to wait till the next release with the updated database already installed. Do you know when this will be as I don not want to switch AV brand.


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You can do like I did: download the Sp1 when that is finished disconnect your computer from internet and then disable the AV’s realtime scanner.

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You can download the latest bases.cav here:
Comodo Anti-Malware Database - Latest additions

There are also instructions on how to install it on that page.

I just downloaded your anti virus on my computer and it crashed it. It said some kind of conflict with Zone Alarm. Now when I start up my computer it runs dos and then the screen goes black. No operating system comes up. Is there a conflict with ZA? How can I get my operating system to work?



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Do you have the free version of ZA or the paid?