Soldier Front (GameGuard) BSOD

I recently added an Nvidia 7600 GT video card to my comp. and anytime i try to play a fullscreen game i get a BSOD i was thinking it was a driver issue but i tried to uninstall/reinstall the driver and it didn’t seem to help at all >:( I’d appreciate anyone with suggestions :slight_smile:

Computer specs: Pent. 4 3.06 Ghz 512MB ram

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Hi Goose18

Unfortunately, it could be several things (although not limited to)… Drivers, DirectX, Hardware/temperature problems,… and so on.

Check the obvious first: Does the 7600GT have a fan? Still spinning? Make sure the card is seated securely and that any additional power leads are properly connected. Monitor the temperature.

What was the BSOD? What were/are the NVIDIA drivers installed? OS (not Vista I hope)? What full-screen applications (all/any?) BSOD? Any graphic card over-clocking software installed?

After the above: Reinstall drivers (done that). Reinstall DirectX.

Hey Kail, the card fan is spinning 24/7 (i can feel the heat when i put my hand near the expansion slot) Also it is a game called “Soldier Front” it’s a 320 MB download but then you must go to and click play live and it launches the game via browser i use firefox and also tried IE7 and still got the BSOD i’m not exactly sure what the BSOD is it will not save the log at all. I have it set to save the log but it is never saved… the OS is XP Media Center Edition SP2 (i doubt upgrading to SP3 would do anything?) Temperature never seems to get to hot only has one time and then the Video card fan kicked in and cooled down. i’ll try and reinstall direct X Thanks for the help Kail :-TU

I’ve got NVidia 7600 GT 256MB in a P4 3,0 and 2 GB RAM with no problems.
See drivers, settings… you must try because can be several things.

If you need software to peek at your 7600GT, use GPU-Z.

I don’t know “Soldier Front”, but if its a new game… hang on! This game doesn’t have nProtect GameGuard does it?

CFP 3 & GameGuard problems (BSODs).

Yes! it uses nProtect gameguard

… or with a rootkit-like thingy on your system either. :wink:

Disabling Defense+? Yea, I wouldn’t feel happy about that either. :frowning:

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