hi ppl. i am looking for software that can be used to view pictures and we can make screen shot in that software. i m using photoshop but i want light software than photoshop and it should be free. is there any software?

Irfanview, FSViewer…

The screen capture item, altough bundled with a lot of not only pictures softwares (e.g. even Namo Web Editor has a very good one) is probably not a pre-requisite; e.g. PrintKey2000 is a good and standalone light screen capture utility, the one i use to send pictures to this forum.

can u give me link for it?
Printkey2000 seems no more available in other language then french, the links point now either to a paid version, either to its freeware replacement:

Namo Web editor is not a freeware.

do u think irfan view is free good software for image editing like photoshop. is it having all features like photoshop?

it dont have feature to make screen shot.

it dont opens blank file.

it dont have feature to make screen shot.

it dont opens blank file.

It does both, but i agree that it has an ugly interface and is very unconvenient.

Not very easy to have something with as many features as Photoshop.
Paint Shop Pro has good features and is much lighter, but not a freeware.
Some people, if mostly concerned with photographies, use Picasa.
If you want the most comprehensive alternative to Photoshop without paying, the must is The Gimp, but it shall of course not be much lighter.

I use FSCapture. Very light and quick. You have to find an older version if you want it free (or use other sources). :slight_smile:

i tried software.

it looking good and light having good features.

i downloaded now.

is it good?