Software update checker

At present I use FileHippo’s update checker to help keep track of updating software
What update checker do you use ?
Does anyone use SuMo ?

I use the built-in in most applications or check their websites frequently so that I see if there is an update. I don’t use too many useless applications hence there aren’t many applications that needs to be checked for updates.

None, I let the programs that will do it themselves check for their own updates. For the ones that don’t check I check myself periodically. I have tried Secunia and FileHippo but both would misreport installed version numbers and try to update things that didn’t need it.

This is the problem I’ve had with any program that checks for other program’s updates and it’s something I had huge problems with before when I used a driver updating software, it completely ruined my computer beyond all OS repair (had to re-install Windows) Luckily it was the test computer since I don’t trust such software and with good reason now.

I used CNET one not long ago. But after some time I found the best update is the manual update :slight_smile:

I regularly use Secunia PSI and Sumo. Just make sure that an update is genuine before blindly installing it because all of the update checkers I have tried occasionally get it wrong, particularly with beta versions.

See The best software update monitoring tools - Gizmo's Best for a useful article on this.

That’s a good one! Forgot! :slight_smile:

That’s what I got with CNET Techtracker.

I never used software updaters softwares.

Mostly all the softwares have autoupdates. Few that dont have autoupdates can be manually updated or alternative products with autoupdate can be installed. There are loads of good free products of all categories.

But I do keep an eye on adobe flash & java updates as their vulnerabilities are attacked a lot & their autoupdates takes time to release.

I have used Secunia PSI in the past and had also forgotten about it - lost through re-formats :embarassed:
As I remember it’s actually pretty good and monitors flash and java :-TU

Because of low ram, I have turned OFF most automatic update checkers. Found some have extra downloaders etc which use up ram.

I have used PSI in the past, and have used TechTracker, but as was noted I have had several updates from TechTracker that were not for versions on my HD.

I find Fiel Hippo’s Update Checker to fast and not contain extras. And it had been extremely accurate till now. The Nvidia update could not find the needed hardware !

The update checker which I preferred and has been discontinued for more than 15 years was called CatchUp

Back then I think I was introduced to CatchUp via a Norton disk. It was a link that was on it.

It was from Cnet and it searched for more than software updates. It linked back to the original software or hardware manufacturer for download. It did not provide updates for everything but I thought provided more than todays checkers.

I doubt if you can easily find any reference to now being 15-20 years ago. But it far surpassed the current Cnet’s Tech Tracker and was better that File Hippo’s Update Checker.

In one check I found a download (even though it no longer existed) the download was for a Toolbar. CatchUp was not a Toolbar and was similar to File Hippo’s Update Checker. I avoid Toolbars !


I use Secunia PSI.

i use sumo its great

I’ve been toying with the idea of installing SuMo
The .exe file from there site is the one without RK isn’t it ?

i just use the portable version. what is RK?

Relevant Knowledge
this was bundled with SuMo when I looked at it, although this was several months ago now.

They currently provide a ‘lite’ exe that does not contain anything other than the program. (the one with this icon

Just as with all these tools, use them to ‘check’ only, and make sure you download genuine updates from the original coders site.

Need to make sure its the lite version of sumo which is installed.It doesnt have the relevant knowledge spyware bundled with it.


Interesting thread here at wilders about sumo…The developer is actively involved.