Software that can Fix Damaged DVDs and CDs

Something like DVD X Rescue but only better. Alot of people have damaged back up dvds and movies they would like to recover into a ISO or some sort so this would be great software that alot of people would like.

Hmm, It is a nice idea… Though I don’t think it would work, are you referring to Dvd’s Cd’s with scratches smudges on them etc?

Apart from buying kits, you can do this sort of thing at home. Get some window cleaner and a very soft cloth, (I use a soft bandage) Make sure it’s Lint free, put a little bit of window cleaner on the fabric and then rub starting form the inside of the cd to the OUTSIDE, for up to 15 mins. You can also try toothpaste, and as a temporary solution you can try a FINE coat of Vaseline, rub the excess off, The Vaseline won’t be a long term solution, how ever it might be enough to get that ISO. Just google Cd repair :slight_smile: You’ll turn up alot of results.