Software Not Uninstalling

Hi i got the version 1 installed but not being able to uninstall it in the add/delete program of winxp.

I checked the program folder there the uninstaller icon is there but it is only a picture .gif file and not the uninstaller program itself.

I tried to run the software again to uninstall from there but there also it said pl uninstall from control panel, and when trying to do that the uninstall confirmation box pops up and nothing happens.

Pl let me know how to address this issue because am facing same uninstall problem with ibackup also.

:-\ I’ve been having the same problem for a couple of days now, but I personally haven’t had a response. I was hoping someone could shade some light on this problem. It seems to be growing because I’ve read 2 other people with the same problem. Some suggested to wait until the CPF updates and then trying to uninstall. I’ve ran out of options right now. I still don’t have a clues as to what to do.

If you are using Win XP you can start by going into control panel\admin tools\services and disable the Comodo startup programs there. Then reboot and go into file manager and delete the complete Comodo directory. Reboot again. This should take care of most of the problem. Next you will need to go into the registry and delete all entries for comodo. Or use a reg cleaner to do this. Reboot again. It should be gone.


Out of date topic.

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