Software installation problems With CPF

I always log my apps with Total Uninstall , today with CPF running it really messed up an important installation, i think the HIPS interfering screwed it. And TU couldnt complete its install log.
Whats the best way to ensure this doesnt occur again. Is there a quick turn off for the HIPS ?

Thank you. :wink:

Did you place CFP into “Installation Mode” before installing the application? [Summary > Proactive Defense > “Switch to Installation Mode”]

Also, did you shut down your anti-virus application and any other security programs that might interfere with program installations?

I didnt put it into Installation mode, oops. I think i’d better read all the help first. This firewall isnt such a piece of cake to setup and use as i’d been led to believe. !
AV is NOD32 which hasnt ever caused any installation problems ever.
Thanks for your help. :wink:

I use TU also. Change the rule for TU to use the predefined policy called ‘Installer or Updater’.
You don’t need to turn off anything.


Really ? And updater mode will work for new installations then ? Hmm i personally think CPF needs more work on warning about this. Everyone installs stuff all the time. And i just searched the forum here and found other posts on broken installations to.

No. Every install is treated as new. I misunderstood you. I was only talking about the TU application itself. When launching a setup.exe via TU, CFP will prompt you with an alert. That is where you would use treat as Installer or Updater without remember.


There have been a few times when I was installing a new application, and I forgot to place CFP into “Installation Mode.” The result was a flurry of popups by CFP asking permission to allow new files to install. Of course, if you frequently install programs, then it’s easier to get into the habit of shutting off your anti-virus, all unnecessary processes and temporarily placing CFP in “Installation Mode.”

After you reboot following installation of a new program, CFP will automatically prompt you, asking if you would like to return CFP to “Previous” (normal) mode.

I tend to agree: users need to be made more aware of Installation Mode during the initial setup of CFP.

Thank USSS.
To be honest i saw “installation mode” in the main window when i first installed Comodo, but i wasnt sure what it was for !
After my failed install last night i had to restore my sys with an image i made a few days back ( i find it quicker than cleaning up ) Now i’m really cautious of installing anything with Comodo on in any mode. Will the HIPS still prompt me on every move or will it leave my installation in peace until its done, that is if i choose “installation mode” ?

Thanks also adric for your help to.

Before initiating installation of a new program, simply open the CFP interface and select “Installation Mode.” Close it, then install your new program. I’m betting you’ll get at most, one popup from Defense+, if at all. Afterwards, you’ll be prompted to return CFP to its “normal” mode.