Software\hardware. Is it ok to run them at the same time? [RESOLVED]

Hey, Just wondering on your opinions and views, my router is an Iconnect Access 621 with a built in firewall - And I’m running CPF3 with D+.

My question is, Is it ok to run both of them at the same time? Or should I turn off the hardware Firewall.

No. The Hardware Firewall is your first line of defense, CFP 3 will be the second. With CFP you can monitor incoming and outgoing packets. :slight_smile:
So keep them both :slight_smile: IMO ;D

There is absolutely no problem in having both. The router is technically a separate computer dedicated to route traffic, a firewall in it is like a firewall yet upstream in the network I guess. The firewalls don’t conflict since they’re not running in the same computer. So there’s certainly no benefit in disabling the one in the router, specially since it’s not the one of the two occupying resources in your personal computer.

Ok cheers, So they don’t conflict with each other because they are on different “systems”

Tnx for the opinions

Edit: I’m surprised this isn’t a Frequently Asked Question.

It is,just look how many times the question “I have a router so why do i need a software firewall” comes up.
Some good debates about it.

:-TU Matty

Hardware/Software never conflicts.

For example, I have a gateway firewall and Antivirus, they do not and will not conflict with my software firewall and antivirus.

No there can not be a conflict because the hardware firewall is not really running on your system! It is just atached to it like a printer for example. hardware firewalls and software firewalls worl great together, they complement eachother and do not fight eachother…

I’m locking the topic, Question has already been answered. Thank you.