Software for the Vision Impaired / Blind

Hi, I am a new user of the comodo range of products. So as usual I thought I would come and have a look see on the forum here, now while signing up I noticed that the “image verification” doo-dad at the end of the register page had an option to have the letters read out to you.

Awesome !!

So, I was wondering, Is the comodo suit of products compatible with the likes of JAWS for Windows ? or other screen reader software ?
The reason I ask is the my wife who 100% blind loves using her computer to surf the net, but has trouble with certain programs that aren’t compatible with her screen reader software. Being the security conscious person she is, she uses a firewall etc but I have to update them and set them up for her. That is something she would love to be able to do for herself.

Anyway sorry for the long ramble.

Hello and welcome.

I don’t know. Never heard of the program. think you just have to try it and see if it works.
Or maybe it would be nice to have a plugin to read comodo firewall popups and so on.

But if your wife wants to browse the web and JAWS doesn’t allways work and what she wants to read on the net, she should maybe try the Opera Browser.
I got a friend who has trouble seeing things (blind on one eye and no center vision on the other). and he uses the opera browser because it has the ability to read things from sites and you can even “talk” to the browser to do things for you, “forward” “back” and so on.

Should maybe give it a try. PM me if you have any questions about it.

Hi Themislia

I’m not a Jaws user myself but I am familiar with installing Jaws and other screenreading products (i.e Supernova, etc). It is possible to tab around the interface although from a sighted persons view (yourself), it is very hard to follow (i.e selected item is not very well highlighted).

Having a guess, I think it would read most parts but unfortunately, CFP3 is a very complicated and detailed firewall to use and Jaws “may” have problems. As mentioned, your best bet is to install the firewall and see how you get on with it.


Edit: You might also want to email Freedom Scientific about your question, sending them a link to download CFP3 (or other Comodo product) and let them do the testing. You never know.